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tv   The Daily Rundown  MSNBC  September 12, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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the case against isis grows more urgent and secretary kerry gets others to join in the effort. former olympian oscar pistorius found guilty of what a court calls culpable homicide. plus, bill and hillary clinton head back to iowa, a place that's not been political positive for them over the years. we'll get a prey viview from de moines. and a very good morning from washington. i'm kristen welker.
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it's friday, september 12th, 2014. this is the "daily rundown." we'll have the very latest on the nfl's ray rice assault investigation. plus, an unprecedented and historic vote coming up in scotland. a fascinating story there. first, we begin with the fight against isis. the associated press is reporting this morning that the administration has tapped retired marine general john allen who recently served as the top american commander in afghanistan, to coordinate the campaign against isis. this, as a new cia estimate raises the number of isis fighters in iraq and syria from 10,000 to somewhere between 20,000 to somewhere other 31,000. the pentagon says the 475 additional u.s. troops that obama ordered to iraq will arrive over the next week. as the administration lobbies congress at home, secretary of state john kerry is pressing middle east allies for support. nbc's richard engel has more from erbil, iraq. take a look. >> kristen, secretary kerry
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traveled to turkey today as he is trying to expand this international coalition against isis. he has already gotten some support from arab nations with at least ten sunni arab states signing a communique in saudi arabia, pledging to do what they can, potentially cooperating militarily, but definitely saying they will limit the flow of funds to isis and try to limit the flow foreign fighters who have left primarily arab countries to join the isis militants in iraq and syria. all of that is positive. it lends some moral support. but it doesn't fundamentally change the equation according to many critics who say that the u.s. plan is still too vague and it grossly underestimates the problem. >> all right, richard, and thank you for that. today, the "new york times" calls the syrian rebels a group, quote, infighting with no shared leadership and hard-line islamists as its most effective
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fighters. the state department acknowledged additional support for the rebels would not guarantee su ses. saying, to be clear, in syria, it's a very tough fight. senior administration official told reporters on wednesday that saudi arabia had committed to members of the free syrian army. kerry also refused to acknowledge that this is, that the u.s. is at war with isis. >> the president ended the war as we know it in which the united states invaded iraq, occupied iraq. basically ran the show. i believe what we are engaged is not a full-fledged war. it's a counterterrorism operation. >> saying that they were, quote, fighting the same enemy, but warned the u.s. should coordinate on air strikes so that u.s. planes aren't at risk
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of being shot down. >> do you demand to know when u.s. warplanes are going to strike your country and where? >> in order not to make any mistakes, i think close coordination should be conducted. >> so that your warplanes do not engage u.s. warplanes? >> there should be no mistakes in this regard. because when mistakes are being made, then both parties will pay the price for that. >> nbc's chief global correspondent bill neely is live in damascus. what's the very latest there? i'm curious to the reaction to those comments that you just got from the foreign minister there, say, essentially the u.s. needs to loop in the assad regime on its plan to launch air strikes. >> well, kristen, this is a very dangerous and volatile moment now that the u.s. has announced its intention to bomb syria. you can probably see behind me
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black smoke rising. syrian warplanes are flying across damascus and bombing rebel positions about a mile and a half or two miles from where i'm sitting right now. that's not isis positions. that's other rebel groups that the syrian warplanes are attacking. the point i was making and that the deputy foreign ministry was making to me yesterday is that now we're getting into the nitty-gritty, the dangerous tactical consequence of president obama's strategic goal. how will u.s. planes enter syrian airspace without being engaged by syrian warplanes. on the broader diplomatic front, this is a very awkward day for president obama. as richard has just pointed out, you've had a very sttepid respoe from many arab countries putting their signature on a piece of paper that says vaguely they will get involved in a coalition, but most enthusiastic arab country, ironically in the
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fight against isis, is syria, but obviously the united states does not want a formal alliance with syria. secretary of state kerry in turkey today, but the turks very reluctant to allow incirlik air base, for example, to be used in any air strikes against isis. it's a awkward moment strategically because the key thing is, how do you weaken isis without strengthening president assad in damascus? >> bill neely, thank you. a consensus is building in support of the president's strategy. speaker boehner will call back members on monday, a day early next week, to push through legislation to train syrian rebels. >> what the president has asked for, as the commander in chief, is this authority to train the syrian rebels. frankly, we ought to give the president what he's asking for. >> some democrats remain skeptical, though, of the
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president's plan. >> i don't think a comprehensive strategy to take on isis necessitates us getting involved. the consequences of getting it wrong are pretty catastrophic. >> we spent ten years, $1 billion, lost many precious lives in iraq and trained an iraqi army of 200,000 plus. and we're talking about retraining them. >> and many members who support the white house's strategy say the authorization should receive a separate vote and not be rolled into a stop gap spending bill. congress is rushing to pass as the white house has requested. >> i think it's an incredibly poor judgment by the administration, regardless of their believing they have the authority already to do what they're doing not to seek aggressively and explicitly an authorization for the use of military force.
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>> the number two democrat in the house, congressman steny hoyer, said yesterday he expects a two-part vote which would grant the president the authority next week to train the syrian opposition and consider a larger authorization for the use of military force after the election. now, the president argued the 2001 authorization to use military force or the aumf passed after the september 11th attack, to give president bush the authority to take on al qaeda and its affiliates gives him the authority to use force in syria and iraq without a congressional vote. but just last year, the president called on congress to refine and ultimately repeal that law. take a listen. >> unless we discipline our thinking, our definition, our actions, we may be drawn into more wars we don't need to fight or continue to grand presidents unbound powers more suited for traditional armed conflicts between nation states.
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>> the member of the intelligence committee join us this morning. thank you, we appreciate it. >> good morning, kristen. >> let's start right there. do you think that president obama has the authority to launch air strikes without congressional approval or do you think you deserve a vote? >> i do not think, i do not agree with the white house that the original authorization which of course targeted al qaeda gives him the authority to, without congressional approval do what he has said he would like to do. i suspect there's a strong majority in the congress for the concept of operating more aggressively in iraq. there are far larger principles than simply this operation at stake here. do we, as americans, want to continue to cede authority, placed in the hands of the representatives of the people,
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in the hands of one man. i support the president on most of what he does but, you know, the logic they are using to say that he can now essentially m e make, you know, undertake hostilities is so we go into this heads u and some sense of consens consensus. >> the other debate which is going to start taking place next week is about arming and training those syrian opposition forces. where do you stand on that? because i know you've expressed a lot of concern about the fact it's not clear who those forces are. who the good guys are. who the bad guys are. would you vote yes if that vote were held today? >> you've characterized that very well. for background, i think what the president is calling for with respect to air strikes and activities against isis makes sense. it's consistent with a pretty successful counterterrorism
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strategy which as the president says we've deployed elsewhere. by the way, does not end terrorism but certainly keeps them on their heels it the question of whether we should spend $500 million to arm the so-called moderate rebels needs to be closely examined. you're right, i'm a profound skeptic. i've had an opportunity to get a little closer than most. i will tell you, i couldn't have said it any better than you guys did when you showed the syrian foreign minister encouraging american cooperation while warplanes, syrian warplanes, were bombing the very people we're talking about this morning. we've got some profound questions to answer about whether this is wise, whether this ends up shoring up assad. that may be a good thing or a bad thing. let's not believe that fighting in a three-way civil war is going to be anything other than messy. then being there's real profound questions about vetting. a 19-year-old that grew up in some dusty village in syria who
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now we have designated as moderate. i was 19 once too. i suspect that moderate label is highly influenced by who's got the money and momentum. these are things we as a congress must debate and be very skeptical about. >> before i let you go, because we're out of time, would you vote yes if that vote were held today? >> there's a lot of talk and debate. at this point i would likely vote no on the provision of $500 million to arm so-called moderate syrian rebels. >> congressman jim hunts, thank you for your time this morning, we really appreciate it. >> thank you. >> sounding more bullish than many congressional democrats, in fact, paul ryan weighed in in a "press pass" interview with nbc's chuck todd. take a listen. >> i support his ask. i think he'll have bipartisan support. look, we don't want to play arm
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chair governors. i'm glad he's changed his policy. i think he needs to be supported for doing this. >> chuck todd is moderator of "meet the press" and nbc's political director. let's pick up on that point. you have paul ryan saying he supports the president's ask. this isn't exactly the legacy that president obama was expecting. >> no, it's open not. you can tell they want to hurry up and do this. this is an ancient -- congress reacting to an anxious public. a year ago, the public said we don't want any air strikes in syria. saying no, no, no, we must push back on the president here. i hate to be totally cynical here. they know the public's anxious.
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they don't want a riskier vote. >> this is going to go through pretty quick? >> it should. i think -- look, there's a lot of slippery slopes here. i thought congressman himes, senator murphy, these are the questions that i'm surprised more aren't asking to have answered. this is -- should be the lesson for congress. >> president obama ran on the policy of withdrawing from the middle east, shifting to the asia region. >> this is not what he was planning on. it is what it is. he's clearly a reluctant warrior. this is not somebody that felt -- that wanted to be making the speech he was making. this is going to be the dominant part of his foreign policy. i think he's hoping at this point can he at least leave the middle east a little more stable
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in 2017 than what it looks like today? at this point, that's the best policy. the asia pivot, there's a lot potentially in 20 years that people will look back on and say, you know what, they did some good there. but it's all economic. the public doesn't see it. this really is about trying to create a more stable environment. >> i know you're going to do a deep dive on this on "meet the press." >> we'll have a lot on isis, we'll hear from the administration, and also jim baker on, former secretary of state during bush 41. successfully built a middle east coalition. he knows the syrian problem very, very well. he's one of those not involved in the iraq conflict of '03 that i think has a lot of wisdom to provide. that's number one. also, hillary clinton's going to iowa so we're starting our meet the candidate series with bernie sanders. >> we'll look forward to that. what's at stake for her, by the way? >> i think it's her campaigning with her husband is always --
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never gone as well as it could. i actually think that picture -- i know there's some hillary supporters are like, why's she making the trip with her husband? >> risk involved. >> because he is such a larger than life figure, more so than anybody in the room, whether it's her or president obama sometimes. >> congratulations on a great debut show. we look forward to watching this sunday. although i miss you at the white house. >> i hear you. check those local listing, will you? >> indeed, we will watch. coming up, hawkeyes on the prize. bill and hillary clinton heading back to iowa this weekend. some folks say they're ready for hillary but is she ready for another run. that is the question we'll explo explore. plus, negligent but not guilty of murder. that's the judgment handed down to hiss stopistorius. today, president obama speaks at the 20th anniversary event. we'll be tracking that.
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after a six-month long trial in south africa, former olympic athlete pistorius has been found guilty in the shooting death of his girlfriend reeva steen camp. he was found guilty of culpable homicide. pistorius showed no emotion as the judge read the verdict during the trial. the track star broke down frequently though on the witness stand. today, judge found pistorius did not intend to kill steenkamp when he shot her through the bathroom door on valentine's
6:21 am
day. nbc's duncan goal stanny has been tracking the trial and joins us live with more on the reaction. what are people saying there, duncan? >> hey, kristen, good morning. it hasn't come as a massive surprise because of course the judge started giving her reasoning yesterday. so we knew pretty much what the verdicts were going to be. perhaps that is why oscar pistorius himself was quite impas impassive. he just stood up and listened to the verdicts. it was only afterwards when the judge left the courtroom that pistorius turned to his sister, gave her a hug. very briefly being shoe the hand of his father from whom he's estranged. then weren't celebrating. they just looked incredibly relieved. compare that to the other side of the courtroom where the family and friends of reeva steenkamp were sitting.
6:22 am
some shaking their heads in disbelief. reeva's friends were crying and her mother just stood for a very long timing hugging her supporters. about an hour ago, pistorius left the courthouse. a huge crowd of people swelled around him, blocking the road. some people even cheering. we now understand pistorius is on his way to his uncle's house, which is one of the conditions of his bail. he'll be back here october 13th for sentencing. he could face up to 15 years in prison, kristen. >> all right, donken golestani, thank you, we appreciate your reporting this morning. coming up, business as usual on the field last night for the baltimore ravens without running back ray rice. off the field, the nfl is playing defense as more details emerge about the domestic abuse incident. who currently the most senior junior senator? that's right, the most senior junior senator.
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and now to the nfl where last night the ravens had their first game since firing running back ray rice after tmz released a video of him punching and knocking out his wife in an elevator. now, questions about when he and other league officials knew the full extent of the incident. this morning, espn is reporting rice told goodell back in june he had punched his wife. if true, it could contradict goodell's previous comments that it was ambiguous as to what actually happened that night when the league met with rice. yesterday, ravens owner steve biscotti talked to cbs and said he hopes the whole incident can be a turning point for the
6:27 am
league. here's what he said. >> if this is a seminal moment for domestic violence and the way we handle it as a society, then that's not a burden for us to be that poster boy. it's not. now, i'm embarrassed about it, but five years from now, things have changed significantly for the better, i'll be proud of it. >> the news comes as the nfl also announced the formation of an independent investigation into the rice incident led by former fbi director robert mueller. shifting gears now, an update on a developing story that we're tracking oversea. a massive search is under way right now for a navy pilot missing in the western pacific after two navy f/a-18 hornet jets collided early this morning. the pentagon says one pilot was rescued and is receiving treatment on board "uss carl
6:28 am
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hillary clinton is making her first trip to iowa this weekend since she came in third in the caucuses back in 2008. on sun, the clintons will headline the iowa democratic party's signature batch. and though clinton is denying it with a wink and a nod, it's pretty clear this will be seen by many as the unofficial kickoff. as one '08 co-chair puts it, quote, there's nothing about their attendance that indicates she's running but there's nothing about it that indicates
6:32 am
she's not either. hillary is rolling out a new clinton logo. it's clinton's second appearance at the event. she was there in 2007 in the middle of that rough iowa campaign. bill clinton has appeared at four harken fries. and biden stirred 2016 speculation of his own when he headlines the event last year. we learned overnight that biden will be in iowa next week. the latest stop in the 2016 shadow cap pain caps a busy month for the clintons. that aggressive schedule has taken a toll on hillary clinton's ratings. the clintons were the only two political figures in positive territory. 43% of voters view her positivitily. 41% have a negative view. that's better than 6 of the 8 other political figures we measured, including florida senator marco rubio and presidents bush and obama, rand paul, mitt romney and jeb bush. it's a far cry from her popularity when she left the state department. even last december, she held on
6:33 am
to a 20-point favorable rating. views of clinton have eroded this year as she has looked more and more like a presidential candidate. a bumpy book tour has taken its toll as well. clinton is popular with the iowa democrats who she was not able to connect with four years ago. in a poll, she was beaten vice presidented bien in iowa by 50 points. can she avoid repeating the mistakes of the past? senator tom harkin talked with nbc's chuck todd about why he believes hillary clinton lost in iowa last time around. here's what he said. >> the old adage about he says, i don't know if i'm going to vote for that person, he's only been in my house twice. you have to get out. i think that's why obama meet clinton last time, he just did more retail politics.
6:34 am
>> what's your advice? >> retail politics. she's a wonderful person. a great persona about her. i think once she gets out and just starts being herself. >> right. >> i think she'll be fine. >> why didn't that happen in '06? you think too many people were handlers? >> handlers. you know, you got this, you have to worry about that. i think sometimes your handlers can make you into somebody you're not. >> nbc senior political reporter perry bacon joins us on the phone. i know you've been talking to a number of iowa owirganizers who really help president obama to win back in 2008, then candidate obama. what are they saying about clinton now? and what's the mood on the ground there? >> thanks for having me, kristen. a lot of what tom harkins said is really true. people in iowa, i talked to about 15 elected officials who were big obama supporters last time. curious like how they felt about senator clinton now. and what i kept hearing was
6:35 am
iowans do not like this kind of inevidenceability. they don't want to hand over the nomination to anyone. they want her to come here and they want her to earn it. a couple of them were calling a time when obama sat down and met with these activates and talked to them for 10 to 15 minutes one on one. they asked for a meeting and it just didn't happen. they feel like we deserve very personal contact. they want to see her campaign here extensively. at the same time, i think it's worth saying that -- their view is their vote last time was a vote for barack obama who they really like, who they thought was a fresh face. not a vote against hillary clinton. she comes here with people feeling like she did a good job in her last campaign. they like the fact she was secretary of state. so they're predisposed to like her. they still are not excited about
6:36 am
her. one person told me, i like hillary clinton. i'm not excited about her. i still think if there's some other person out there, a couple names. there's still a chance someone else could come here and do well in iowa. >> all right, perry bacon, we will continue to check in with you throughout the day and the weekend. thank you for your great reporting, as always. now, we want to bring in democratic strategy, she serves as a senior adviser for ready for hillary. thank you for being here before you head off to iowa. i know you're traveling out this afternoon. a lot people are looking at this trip and they say this is the unofficial kickoff of the clinton campaign. are they right? >> i think that's a question for her. i know they're right about one thing. they'll be thousands of people out. thankfully, it's going to be a beautiful day, we're told. >> we hope. >> exactly. such enthusiasm for her and president clinton coming. it's tom and ruth harken who are
6:37 am
institutions, legends, larger than life figures in iowa politics so there's a myriad of things going on. >> you heard him say this is about retail politics and she missed the mark when it came to that in 2008. if she does officially announce her candidacy, what does she need to do differently this time around? >> well, it's always fun to remember that she actually did break records as -- in the caucuses in the last campaign that she ran. president obama broke the record even further, but the notion that somehow she didn't connect or she didn't have the support is actually a fallacy. think retail politics sounds like a lot of fun. i know she's done it. i know she spent time in the living rooms and diners and all the things we shorthand as retail politics. the reason why i'm sure she'll do that, if she were to run, is she's great at it. >> let's talk about that point of connecting. when she left her position as
6:38 am
secretary of state, her polls were sky high. they have dropped a bit since then. particularly in the wake of her book tour. did she get started a little bit too early this time? of course, that was one of the cite sicks in 2000. >> i'm not sure what you mean by get started by, but unofficial polls and fluctuations -- >> getting out there -- >> -- what they show everyone is she's a mortal, a mortal person. that mean she's going to go up, she's going to go down. she's going there to support tom harkin and also to pump up the 2014 iowas on the ticket. really big races with bruce braillely running for senate, there's a lot at stake for iowa. that's also why thousands of people are coming out this weekend. >> this fight against isis. president clinton was a little bit critical of president obama several weeks ago. now we're getting some reports that some of her advisers are trying to distance her from the
6:39 am
president, saying, obama has been impassive on these issue, she, meaning secretary clinton, would have taken a more aggressive approach. is that accurate? would clinton be more aggressive now against fighting isis? >> i think when you read her own words in her book or listening to her speak or answer questions over the course of the summer, she's proud of her record working with the president. she was at the table with him as we all know from many of the famous photos. so of course she's going to be very part and partial to his leadership. she's also bringing her own brand of leadership as secretary. and if they were to run, i fully expect she would bring her own brand of leadership. what you want to make of that i think is up to others. but i think it's also aynamic t someone -- of course you want to have your own qualities and characteristics as a leader. and that's a good thing. >> thank you for the toing by and safe travels. we will be checking in with you throughout the weekend. democracy, justice and equality
6:40 am
on trial in texas. a look at why the lone star state's voter i.d. law could have huge national implications. an event in scotland 300 years in the making. will the scots finally break away from the british throne? but first, the white house soup of the day. they're serving up ragin cajun gumbo. sounds good for a friday. ok, if you're up there, i could use some help. smart sarah. seeking guidance. just like with your investments. that sets you apart. it does? it does. you're type e*. and seeking another perspective is what type e*s do. oh, and your next handhold... is there. you don't have to go it alone. e*trade gives you the support and guidance to make informed decisions. are you type e*? in the places you want to be. where you can explore super destinations and do everything under the sun. twelve brands. more hotels than anyone else in the world.
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ahhhha! we told people they were riding nissan's most advanced altima race car. we lied... about the race car part. altima, with 270 horsepower and active understeer control. how did you?...what! i don't even, i'm speechless. innovation that excites. the justice department is using texas' tough voter i.d. law as a key legal case in the fight to roll back restrictions on voting rights. witness testimony for both sides wrapped up yesterday in a federal court in corpus christi and the legal challenge to the law which governor rick perry signed in 2011 but was struck down by a federal court. it wasn't implemented until last year after the supreme court removed the voting requirement for a state to get federal
6:44 am
approval before changing its voting process. the texas law requires voters to show one of government issued i.d.s in order to cast a ballot. an estimated 800,000 eligible texas voters lack identification. the plaintiffs argue those vote rememb ers are disproportionately african-american. at the center of the gubernatorial race between abbott and davis. and it's not expected to be ruled on before they hit the polls for election day. thank you for joining me, i really appreciate it. so two weeks of testimony.
6:45 am
first, what do you anticipate will be decided in this court case? more broadly, what are the implications for this national fight that you are waging against these new stiffer voter i.d. laws? >> we think the court will decide that the texas photo i.d. law disenfranchises hundreds of thousands of eligible texans and that those -- that disinfranchisement are going to fall hardest on minority voters. this is an important battle. as was mentioned earlier, we no longer have one of the strong et tools in our arsenal against voter discrimination. section five was a part of the voting rights act that for years protected voters all across the south and in other places. the supreme court rendered it inoperable. now we need other provision, to do the work of protecting voters. this is an important case because it's going to be one of those that decide what the rest
6:46 am
of those tools that we have in our tool kit against discrimination at the ballot box will look like. >> now, the crux of the counterargument of course is these laws are meant to protect against voter fraud. and when you look at the studies, it's sort of inconclusive. what's your strongest argument? what's the strongest piece of evidence you think to point to the fact that this disenfranchises voters? >> the evidence about the kind of fraud that photo i.d. laws stop is not inckoconclusiovinco. the studies have determined that voter fraud is rare. one of our experts in the case presented that she identified four instances of in person impersonation fraud. the kind of fraud a photo i.d. law would stop between 2000 and the present. what is going to be also undisputed is there are hundreds of thousands of texans who don't
6:47 am
have this kind of identification. the court heard from some of those people. the court heard testimony, both live and some on video, of people who -- real texans who vote, who did not have the kind of identification. one particular example is miss sammy baits. she's a senior. she's been a voter her whole life. she didn't have the kind of texas identification needed to vote and the last time she tried to go to the polls, she couldn't get that identification because she didn't have a birth certificate and her life circumstances were such that the $42 it would have cost to get it would have meant the difference between her being able to put food on the table for her family. i do not believe that earn ins want us to be choosing between food and voting. not this country, that's not what we're about. >> close arguments set for monday, september 22nd. we will continue to track it. thank you so much for your time this morning. >> thank you. trivia time now. iowa's tom harkin is the most senior junior senator. he's the sixth most senior
6:48 am
member in the chamber. but harken's fellow iowa senator chuck grassley is the number five spot with two more years of service in the senate. we want to say congratulations to today's winner, taylor. congratulations and happy friday. we'll be right back. get up! get up! get up! get up! loop me! bring back the awesome... yeah! yeah! yeah! with the great taste of kellogg's froot loops. follow your nose! ♪ [music] defiance is in our bones. defiance never grows old. citracal maximum. easily absorbed calcium plus d. beauty is bone deep. the summer that summers from here on will be compared to. so get out there, and get the best price guaranteed. find it for less and we'll match it and give you $50 toward your next trip. expedia. find yours.
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well, just to say. it's a chance. >> i think it would be a disaster. why? football financi financially. >> we're daying away from the historic election across the pond for the first time in 307 year as part of great britain scotland will vote on whether to break-away from the rest of the united kingdom. 4 million scots could vote.
6:52 am
it dates back centuries, the campaign has evolved from brave heart style battles to slick political ads and social media pitches like this one. look. >> the more i think about it, independence seems like one big gamble. like it hasn't been thought through. and there's one thing i know, i will not be gambling with my children's future. >> the group for independence has modelled its message after president obama's 2012 campaign. they have a twitter and facebook following that is double that of the competition. >> the decision is about scott land's future will made by the people who care most about scott land. the people who live here. >> we can choose what is best. >> for all of us. >> the yes campaign has surged in polls since august, the newest guardian icm polls finds
6:53 am
51% would vote no. 49% would vote yes. excluting the 17% undecided. british prime minister david cameron hoped to sway the voters by visiting scott land this week. she's been making a personal appeal to stick with the u.k. he's flying scotland's flag over the downtown. they are promising to give scotland more scotland. if scotts vote yes on independence their leaders will have to decide on a host of vital issues like whether they'll keep britain's currenty, how much of the debt they owe, and whether they can join the e.u. and nato. it could take at least 18 months to sort out the answers. i'm join by the white house correspondent. who is my friend and colleague at the white house. thank you for joining me.
6:54 am
>> how are you? >> very well. we've talked about this, steven, you say it's an election between the heart and the head. what do you mean by that? >> that's right. there's a real romance to the idea that scotland after 300 years after being shackled to the union, the proindependence people could become its own and thriving prosperous progressive nation within europe. the problem with that is and to the pointed out frequently by the no campaign is that this could actually scotland a lot of money. there's uncertainty about what the currency would be. the government said the scotts would no longer be allowed to use the pound. there's uncertainty about whether big banks in scotland and big financial companies would flee south looking for the more stable environment in london, and so, you know, it's a question almost between the heart and the wallet in some ways about what is going to
6:55 am
happen next week. >> when we look at the poll, the latest, which are online polls suggest that scotland is leaning toward no. you have said that's actually difficult to know whether the polling is accurate. tell me why you say that. what do you anticipate is going to happen next week? >> that's right. if you look at the last election the turnout was about 55%. a lot of analysts think that this time given it's been an exciting event in scotland. the turnout will be higher. some people are talking about even 85% of scots will show up to vote. that's pretty interesting. it makes it difficult to poll and there's this you mention the group of young voters the 16 to 19-year-olds who are anti-independence but much like the u.s. election in 2008, no one was sure how many of the young voters are going to show up to the poll. it's difficult to judge.
6:56 am
i think once the votes come in are we going have a real idea. it seems like the momentum of the yes campaign has crested. there was several polls in recent days that say, you know, that the no campaign is up ahead. again, after that shock poll last week, which had the yes campaign up which sent westminster into panic. thank you for joining me this morning. i appreciate it. that's that is it for this edition of the daily run down. coming up next jose diaz-balart will take a closer look at the intersection of women and the terrorist of isis. he'll have more on the latest white house time table for immigration action. have a great friday everyone! and have a great weekend! thank you for joining us. (ding!) toaster strudel! more fruit in the filling, ya? mmm! ya! warm, flaky, gooey, toaster strudel! now, with more fruit!
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7:00 am
politics and promises did the closed door meeting with the white house soothe the outrage with some lawmakers? we'll ask one dreamer whether the new time table goes far enough. and ray rice fallout. several female fans showing support for the athlete who attacked his fiancè perhaps proving the point that the domestic violence conversation is way bigger than football. on this friday, the 12th of september. good morning, i'm jose diaz-ball latdiaz diaz-balart. our first focus building support here at home and overseas for what president obama said is the mission to degrade and ultimately destroy isis. right now secretary of state john kerry is meeting with prime minister of turkey. turkey, a key nation taking the fight to isis inside syria. after kerry met with arab


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